Working towards wellness

Mirvac’s move to its new headquarters at 200 George Street, Sydney in July has been one of the company’s biggest events of 2016 — and while it's a small step geographically, it’s a huge step forward for the business.

The new Sydney headquarters (HQ) represents an exciting evolution in how buildings can work for their tenants. For the first time, Mirvac has been working with the International WELL Building Institute to target a gold certification for the tenancy.

This innovative standard uses an evidence-based system to measure and monitor various aspects of a tenancy’s performance, particularly those focused on the health and wellbeing of occupants.

To attain WELL certification, Mirvac has integrated smart technology at 200 George Street, including SAMBA sensors that monitor air quality and lighting that responds to natural circadian rhythms throughout the day. It also provides employees with healthy food options through its ‘profit for purpose’ café, run in partnership with the YMCA.

The Group is also taking the opportunity to educate as many visitors as it can on the unique features of the building. A tenancy app has been created to enable visitors to learn more about the building as they move through the space.

A major benefit of the new HQ is the way it’s been designed to promote healthier work practices. From the open layout and central staircase, which encourages movement and connection, to the collaborative technology and ergonomic furniture, and to the abundant plant life that brings nature into the building, every part of the design at 200 George Street has been carefully considered.