Understanding our
Social Return
On Investment

This year Mirvac embarked on an industry first, creating a framework and tool for measuring our social and economic impacts.


Here are some of the highlights:

It's our goal to create healthier, more outdoor-focused communities. We want our residents to live longer, more active and healthier lives. We do this by implementing a wide range of facilities in our developments, and enabling residents to use parks, join local exercise groups and benefit from good accessibility features.

It’s this feeling of comfort and safety that we want to instil in all our developments. It affects how we design our buildings and open spaces, and determines which initiatives and programs we implement to ensure a greater sense of common responsibility.

In all our developments, we strive to create warm, inclusive communities. We do this through our innovative building designs, the way we integrate common spaces and facilities, and our wide range of community engagement programs.

Creating a sense of place is important to us. We want residents to feel grounded and comfortable in their local community. Our aim is to create places that feel authentic and connected to their local history and community, with open spaces accessible for all.