Launched in 2014, Mirvac’s Hatch program has enabled the Group to weave innovation into the fabric of the business.

Rather than work as a separate entity, Hatch is made up of a number of Innovation Champions from all parts of the business. Together, these Champions are responsible for sharing innovative thinking and methodology with their peers, in addition to working together towards a set of greater innovation goals. Mirvac defined eight Hatch missions to focus on last year, with a group of Champions assigned to each one.

In FY16, Mirvac recruited a third set of Innovation Champions, meaning a greater pool of resources to work the Hatch missions. In addition to this, around 30 members of Mirvac’s senior management team completed innovation training in late 2015.

As Hatch thinking comes to life across the business, there is perceptible and exciting change in the innovation journey, as theory starts to turn into action. After kicking off with the initial ‘scanning’ phase, Mirvac has spent 2016 focusing on the ideation and experimentation phases of the Hatch process.

The next goal for Hatch: to build an external network through an open innovation platform, and to continue promoting Hatch as a broadly accepted, customer-centric ideology embedded into everything Mirvac does.

Innovation process

Source: Inventium

A Round of Applause

Mirvac’s focus on innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed. At the 2015 BRW Most Innovative Companies Awards, Hatch won the Best Innovation Program, and Mirvac was ranked as the third Most Innovative Company in Australia. As well as its commitment to innovation through Hatch, Mirvac’s submission included the work it has done on the CSR Velocity Panels, as well as the Group’s Work Safe, Stay Safe initiative.