Putting the H in HSE

Creating a safe and healthy
workplace for our people.

Mirvac has an excellent track record in safety and remains unwavering in its commitment to ensuring the safety of its people and customers. This year, the business took the opportunity to look at Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in broader terms, assess the approach to date and develop a clear plan for the future.

A number of important initiatives continued to be rolled out during FY16, including training on alcohol and other drugs to raise awareness about the factors that underpin drug and alcohol misuse, from stress to social influences. Workshops took place between October and December 2015, with over 80 per cent of employees taking part. The Group also enhanced its hazard reporting system, making it easier for employees to use, and throughout the year numerous due diligence training sessions were conducted, ensuring a consistent level of HSE knowledge across senior and middle management.

As with previous years, Mirvac has continued to perform well on the compliance front, with 99 per cent compliance on the License to Operate module, and a 93 per cent safety engagement score in our Employee Engagement Survey.


In March 2016, Mirvac embarked on a journey to develop a new HSE strategy. This involved a significant amount of research, including internal and external interviews with key stakeholders and a benchmarking study looking to global leaders in HSE. The HSE team is now in the process of developing a new strategy, to be launched in FY17.

A key area for this strategy is to “put the H into HSE”, with an increased focus on health and wellbeing, while simplifying processes and utilising technology to streamline the HSE management system.

Making safety our business

The Work Safe, Stay Safe initiative launched last year has resonated well with Mirvac’s employees, and the Group continued to embed this in the employee induction process as well as its HSE initiatives in Construction.

As construction sites involve high-risk activities, Mirvac also developed a new tool to make communication on sites easier for its construction employees. Mirvac Risk Assessment Cards (MRACs) visually depict what risks look like and what controls can be put in place to mitigate them. The MRACs were delivered to 850 construction workers across the country, and recipients included service providers as well as on-site teams. To continue to make communication even easier, the MRACs are now being translated into a smartphone app which is currently being piloted at Green Square and Brighton Lakes in Sydney, NSW.

Designing Out Our Risk (DOOR) is another program that enables the Group to manage risk early and effectively through all stages of development. Key personnel have been trained in DOOR to ensure there is someone championing the program in each part of the business.