This year at
a glance

This year has been an exceptional year for Mirvac, with strong results achieved across all four of our sustainability missions.

Carbon intensity
-20.4 %
2 Smart Buildings
-23.6% Water intensity
$2.1m invested in our
Lifestyles Index

CEO & Managing
director Letter

This year we have seen truly remarkable achievements in sustainability. Whether through our ground breaking Social Return on Investment research, almost doubling our community investment or the launch of our new renewable energy company, Mirvac Energy, we continue to see sustainability becoming integral in everything we do.


This Changes

Launched in 2014, This Changes Everything is Mirvac’s plan for a sustainable future. Now in its third year, sustainability is becoming more entrenched in our actions, and is driving our business performance on all fronts.


Smarter Thinking

Our capacity to deliver on our strategy is underpinned by our engaged and educated workforce and supply chain. We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people educated on sustainability this year, having almost reached one million people through indirect education methods alone.


Shaping the
Future Of Place

At Mirvac, The Future of Place is something we constantly consider. We’re always looking for ways to improve the places that we create, whether it’s by making them more connected, more community-focused or more carefully designed for the long term.


Re-Imagining Resources

Using resources wisely is essential for a company like Mirvac, and this year we’ve continued to make steady progress towards our strategy commitments. From conserving energy and water to recycling waste, we have built on our past successes, and have empowered our tenants, customers and suppliers to do the same.


Enriching Communities

Creating supportive, vibrant communities is a key part of what we do at Mirvac. Since the introduction of This Changes Everything, we’ve worked hard to make community a more tangible and measurable concept and the last year has been no different.